Release Your Inner Glow

Orgasmic Group Workshop for Ladies, Experience “YOU” Hello Beautiful!

This workshop is about getting to know YOU and your body intimately. You will learn, explore, heal and love
yourself. By improving negative body image and erasing pleasure anxiety it enables you to open your
heart and begin to really enjoy yourself like you have never known before. No matter what age you are.

Orgasmic Group at first it might feel awkward, but you will quickly feel at ease. We are as we came
into this world, in the buff (nude). You will see that we are all beautiful
in our own way no matter what.

Exploring ourselves, together, building a strong bond with other women like you.
You will leave this  session feeling empowered, confident, happiness with a new awakening, sexual energy,
a warm glow in your heart.

Regardless of your age (participants eighteen and above are welcome), experience, or sexual orientation
whether you are single or in a committed relationship — come and directly experience your real beauty,
your real power, your love for yourself, and the love others have for you. All are welcome here in our
sacred intimate space. 


Workshop June 2018

Workshop July 2018

Two day weekend intensive $5000 all inclusive – room & board.

Call to Pre-Book 50% deposit required. Balance must be paid one week before date of workshop. Space is Limited.

Available to 18+ only.



Dr. Veronica
Pleasure Coach