Who is Dr. Veronica?

Not a Sex Therapist.  Not a Therapist, Not a real doctor, I do NOT give medical advice, I do not have a doctorate.  I did however, attend Yale. My attorneys said I have to say that. It makes them happy 😉


A sex expert, relationship coach, master massage therapist, adult film star, burlesque performer and educator, accountant, clown, property manager, auto detailer, adult phone operator, singing telegram performer, mother, ex-wife, ordained minister, esthetician, dominatrix, permanent makeup artist, muse, comedian, weight master, dog whisper, intuitive psychic  and more! I could go on with several more. I have done it all.  Yes, I have an education to back it up as well. With a plethora of documents to prove it. I’m an Enigma, someone that is amazingly complex yet so simple and hard to figure out.

For the past 14 years I have been a licensed massage therapist, I can give you the best massage ever that will make your legs twitch! In my sessions I found that 98% of my clients wanted someone to confide in. I’m like the lady that cuts your hair, you tell your them gossip and secrets that only they know.  So, after several years of the same similar questions and issues coming from my sessions I decided to start learning more about relationships, sexuality and communication so I would have answers to those who were seeking help, inspiration, education and more. Why not, it’s fun and interesting!


I really am an expert when it comes to communication with men and sex. Men are the most simple creatures in life. Women try to make men complex with thinking about this and that, when the truth is men are like cave men, Eat, Sleep, Work, Sex. That’s it, Simple. I have saved numerous marriages from honest listening to the issue and giving suggestions and education about how to make it better. It has been working because I either don’t see my client again for a few months or I get an email saying thank you for helping and when I do they rave and have a happy look on their face!

Now I’m not saying that men are stupid, no men are very smart and I love them, it’s just women are super complex, we think about EVERYTHING all the time, we forget how to let go and enjoy being a WOMAN. Communication between men and women has a huge language barrier. Men and women do not hear or say things the same. The best way to increase communication is by repeating what the other person said back to them.  “Ok, this is what I think you said, ………… is that correct”?  You will be surprised how different we hear things and most of the time, it is something totally different!


Ladies: I can teach you so many things! How to give a blow job that will make his eyes roll back,  bring back out your sexy diva and give him a taste of sexiness, how to be more dominate, to communicate to get what you want. So many different things. Have you never been able to orgasm? Want to learn different and new ways to have one? Want to learn to do a sexy strip tease that will make him have a boner for days! 

Couples: Are you looking to try new things and not sure where to turn or how to start? Thought about a Threesome but not sure how to bring it up? Want your lover to be more dominating in the bedroom? What if your feeling somewhat submissive? Like the 50 shades of Grey movie?  I can help! We can discuss and role play different things that you might be interested in trying. I know what questions and concerns will come up. You have to be prepared for when those feelings come out of nowhere and get weird, what will you do? What is a “safe word or signal” that she/he can say or do when your in the middle of something that let’s the other person know that “We need to take a break and discuss” It’s all fun and I can help!

I love Coaching Men, Women, Groups and Couples. There are so many different topics dealing with sexuality to try, explore, learn and experience it can be overwhelming, confusing, irritating, scary, intimidating and more. If you are curious about something, google it, read about it, think about it, really think about it. Play the “What if” scenario. Book a session with me and we can discuss it or try it, depending on what it is. Role play or (Pretend) is a wonderful safe way to “Try it out”. Then we can discuss the thoughts, feelings, consequences that might happen good or bad.


Dating Coach:  I am the perfect Dating Coach! You tell me what your looking for and I can make it happen! We will go over wardrobe, body language, conversation, locations, the pick up, how to score, what is your “Look” saying? This course takes a minimum 6 week commitment. It’s not cheap, but it gets RESULTS. That’s what we are looking for RESULTS

Guys: I can be your wing man, I can role play with you to find out where your getting stuck. After all I’m a woman and I know how we think! Get the woman of your dreams to get to know you! Looking to score more often? We can start from top to bottom and improve your image, improve your body language, conversation, sex techniques etc. Do you want to just hook up? Are you looking for Miss Right? I know women! I can teach you how to act, how to dress, how to “set up” your scenario to score the right one! It takes practice! Mystery was good at getting the girl’s attention for the hook up, sort of. Women don’t want to be “used” for just a hook up. That’s what Tinder is for. If your ready, let’s do it my way and you will score what you are looking for! This is a course for guys that are serious about improvement. Goals. Success. Happiness. 6 Week commitment required. Group and 1 on 1.

Ladies: Do you need help finding the man of your dreams? Maybe you need a makeover? Makeover from where your looking, how your looking. Let’s go over everything from top to bottom and see what we can do to achieve the look you want and need to attract the man your looking for.  I can help you get that guy of your dreams! It’s simple but it will take an open mind and some teamwork, it is possible! 6 Week commitment required. Group and 1 on 1. 


I am an HONEST coach, I will LISTEN to you, I will be PRESENT with you, I WILL HELP you with the issues, questions, concerns, curiosities and more. I am not a SEX THERAPIST or any other kind of therapist other than a Massage Therapist. I can however instruct you how to hit the “G” spot to make her SQUIRT while I wax your BALLS and soothe your back and shoulder muscles with a massage while suggesting which toy to use on your partner next time to give them the biggest best ORGASM they have ever experienced and making you last longer than 90 seconds!

DAMN I am talented! A Muse you might say, an Enigma, so Complex yet so Simple.

Plain and simple, I love everything I do. I love to help people. It makes me proud when my clients blossom on their own. My goal of every session is to teach you at least one new thing that you didn’t know before. Ignite the fire in your relationship again. Open the possibilities for you to grow, your relationship to grow, to become more open minded and enjoy your sexuality. I am offering 1 on 1 workshops, classes, tours and a variety of things to inspire and increase your pleasure!



Dr. Veronica
Pleasure Coach

As heard on Dr. Drew live at the Improv, Sex with Emily, Playboy Radio & more

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